Viking Pigeons Race 2024!

Here your pigeons have the opportunity to fly in the footsteps of the brave Vikings and in tough Pippi Longstocking’s home areas. The loft is located in Gothenburg on the famous Swedish west coast. 



All information about the coming race in 2024.

We once again offer you the possibility that your pigeons can fly in the footsteps of the brave Vikings and
in tough Pippi Longstocking’s home regions.
The pigeon race is located in Gothenburg on the well-known west coast.
This is Europe’s northernmost OLR, with Scandinavian weather conditions, forest and water.
We are looking forward to a great race with very good prices.
We guarantee that your pigeons receive the best care to achieve a top result.
  • Costs for participation are 150 euros per pigeon, or in case of 4 paid + 1 free pigeon.
  • The pigeons can be received in the loft between March 23 – May 19, 2024.
  • All pigeons must be vaccinated against PMV, within 10 days before shipping, and must be between 35/50 days old.
  • The registration fee must be paid before the arrival of the pigeons.
  • Ownership card, pedigree and vaccination certificate must be submitted in connection with pigeons to the loft, or the agent.
We will have 9-11 practices from 5-90 km and five competitions.
Ace pigeon, points are calculated on the six competitions.
Times for training and competitions are a little flexible depending on the weather,
however, we estimate that the final will be on 07.09.2024.
Pigeons without an ownership card are not eligible for a prize and do not participate in prize competitions or the final.
After the last flight, the pigeons become the property of the organizer.
All pigeons that come home after the final will be auctioned off.
The breeder receives 40% of auction proceeds.
Pigeons without a pedigree will not be auctioned.
The maximum capacity of the loft is 960 pigeons.
We reserve the right to make changes.


About us

We at the Viking OLR Team are passionated people about pigeons and have many years of experience with having pigeons.

On the first image below is Goran Trailovic the founder of Viking OLR.

On the image above you can see our team members Dennie & Tobbe while they ware building our new loft for the race.

The loft capacity is over 700 pigeons and was built with great love for the pigeons and will be a great home for your pigeons.



Dennie & Tobbe


Prize money for Viking OLR 2024


  1. €12000
  2. €6000
  3. €3000
  4. €1500
  5. €1000
  6. €800 
  7. €750 
  8. €700 
  9. €650 
  10. €600

11-15. €400
16-20. €250
21-30. €150
31-60. €120


Semi final

  1. €500
  2. €300
  3. €200
  4. €150
  5. €120

6-10. €100

Ace pigeon


  1. €2000
  2. €1000
  3. €500
  4. €250
  5. €150


1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th race


  1. €300
  2. €200
  3. €120


If less than 700 pigeons paid, the prices will be adjusted in percentage.


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    Gothenburg, Sweden
    The loft is located on Swedish west coast.